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September 26, 2016

We returned home a little tired from all of our travels but feeling good with our new found knowledge and experiences from your tour. It would be very difficult to sum up the twelve day trip in a paragraph or two so let me just say that Cathie and I came away from the tour well satisfied and enlightened. Your knowledge and personal relationships across Europe were very impressive and we especially enjoyed getting off of the normal tour path to find those out of the way attractions that few tours recognize. We felt well taken care of and especially safe on the bus with Gundolf as our coach captain. The beer was great and gold.

To many attractions to talk about here but simply said, I would certainly recommend this tour for WWII buffs and anyone who wants an in depth look at D-Day and what led up to and followed the landings on the beaches at Normandy.

Best regards to you Dennis and continued success for your tour business. If ever we decide to make this trip again you can be assured that you will get the call. If you make it to Omaha one day, please call or stop in.
All the best,
Doug and Cathie Turner
Omaha, NE


September 29, 2016

I want to thank you so much for all you did for my clients, Mike & Richard Benzer and Doug & Celeste Morey, on the recent World War II tour. Mike Benzer just called me and told me how fantastic the tour was and how wonderful you were to them. I truly appreciate your going over and above to make this a most memorable experience. I am going to highly recommend you to the agents associated with Go Travel. I asked a lot of you and you came through with flying colors.

Thank you so much & I hope to be able to book with you in the future,
Go Travel
Winter Park, FL


June 20, 2016

I want to thank you for the most comprehensive historical tour that I have ever experienced. The 72ndD-Day anniversary tour is an experience that I will never forget. The beaches at Normandy reminded me of the terrible sacrifices made by the young men of that generation. Your poignant description of conditions on that day has given me a new perspective of the near impossible task given these men.

The trip through Belgium, Luxembourg, and finally Germany, helped us understand the massive effort, and loss of life that was required to finally defeat the Nazi armies. The battle of the “Bulge” in Belgium is so complex, that without seeing with our own eyes the small towns, bridges, and terrain, it is difficult to appreciate the actions taken by small groups of men, hastily thrown together to block roads and destroy bridges that ultimately led to the defeat of a vastly larger force.

As we continued into Germany we visited the “Zeppelin Field” where so many rallies were held to commemorate the Nazi ideology. We continued on to Nuremburg where justice was finally meted out to the monsters that poisoned an entire generation in Europe. We all clearly understood the description of Nazis as monsters but did not fully encompass our feelings of disgust and foreboding after our visit to the gas chamber and crematorium at Dachau.
We ended the tour in the most appropriate way, a visit to Berchtesgaden a Nazi community, the Obersalzburg where Hitler had his home, the Berghof, and where Bormann and Goring also resided. When you told us that the U.S. Army destroyed what remained of these homes prior to handing them over to the Bavarian people I was personally elated.
I know you are dedicated to telling the story about the pain and sacrifice of all of the men who hit the beaches on June 6, 1944, and of the airborne units that fought and died to secure a path to victory. I really appreciate your dedication in keeping these men alive in our consciousness.
God Bless,
Michael O’Rourke

June 17, 2016



Candace and I would like to thank you for the great lifetime experience tour we just came back from. Through the years we have been through more than a dozen organized or free lance tours of Europe. Yours was the best organized and most memorable. I best liked your maximization of our time and your ability to make us visualize what happened at the various sites on the tour. Your treatment of us and the members of the group was outstanding. You set a high bar for comparison. We would strongly recommend this tour and you to people who have an interest in WW II history. We look forward to hearing from you about future adventures. Good Luck and best wishes.

Jeff and Candace


November 4, 2015
Dear Dennis

Ruth and I arrived home in Australia a couple of days ago after seven weeks away. The first few weeks away in which we were with you on the WW2 European Battlefields Tour was a really great time. The tour was full on but we recognize the need for that if you’re to see as much as we did. Visiting the Normandy Beaches was something Ruth, in particular, has often expressed a wish to do You’ll be interested to know that we finished our trip with another visit (our third) to the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford VA where we met a relative of Bob Slaughter (who pushed for its establishment) who just happened to be on the small group guided tour of the Memorial on that particular day. So we started and finished on the Normandy Beaches, so to speak. This made our trip especially memorable. The others in your tour group were a pleasure to be with. Your interaction with all of us, including the Wu’s, made for a close friendly relationship among the group and yet kept everything on track. Your extensive knowledge, and contacts, (e.g. Hitler’s house etc) was a great advantage. We’re really pleased we found you thanks to Google! Thanks also for being willing to accommodate the needs we had in our planning process. It made everything just that bit easier and personal.

Once again I want to thank you for your very practical support and encouragement following the loss of my wallet on the way to the Mercure Hotel at Port de Pantin. The loss for me was devastating. You made the situation much easier. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You inspired confidence and gave very practical support in an unpleasant situation which helped me regain my equilibrium.

Once again, thank you for the time we spent with you. We’ll remember it for a long time.

Warm regards
Mike & Ruth Broadley


October 6, 2015
Hi Dennis;

I got back to Phoenix recently and wanted to take a moment to say, THANK YOU for a great 2-week tour.

I really enjoyed seeing all the sites, museums and remembrances to those that sacrificed everything to keep us free. The tour progressed daily, very nicely. By the time we got to the last day, we all had a much better understanding of what war was all about. Your knowledge of World War 2, was a "real bonus"..........You always got us prepared for what was coming next..........

I would recommend your tour to anyone having an interest in World War 2........You did a great job.................

Thanks again,
Tim Gleason


October 1, 2015

Hi Dennis,

I hope you are back safely and gotten some rest and spent time with your beautiful wife!

I wanted to say, once again, thank you so so much for making this trip with my Dad so incredible. We have been planning to do the Normandy beaches for almost a decade -on our own (can you imagine that circus!:)) - but we got so much more when we booked this tour with you.

All might have gone well and smoothly with another tour, but it most definitely would not have had the personal touch, energy, expertise, and humor that you offered each and every day. I was in awe of your consistent good mood, attention to detail, and the sheer amount of knowledge you had not only about history, but everything else, too! You are so talented at a very challenging role that few people could do as brilliantly and with such ease.

Thank you again for everything!
All my best,
Vanessa Wu


June 28, 2015

Hi Dennis,

Just wanted to say thanks for being our tour guide for the WWII Tour. It wouldn't have gone as well and been as enjoyable if it weren't for your hard work and humor. Thanks for the great adventure and hopefully you keep doing it!
Best regards,
Adam Winkelmann (Anderson Clan)

June 18, 2015


Having returned recently from the June 2015 D-Day tour we cannot say enough about the wonderful experiences we had with Dennis Ross as our tour director. He provided the most detailed and comprehensive tour of significant areas that figured in the history of WW 2. We highly recommend booking a tour with this company.


Ruthann Hubbert


May 6, 2015


My father and I took the European WW2 tour with you last September. My dad was the retired cop and I was the fireman that went to Oktoberfest (hope you remember). Anyway I want to thank you again for an amazing trip. My dad passed away last Sunday and I wanted to let you know that we talked about that trip almost every day up to and including, the night before his passing. We had an amazing time and the trip was able to fulfill the only remaining "bucket list" item my dad had.

Thanks, Sean

October 16, 2014


Just a note to tell you how much my son and I enjoyed your September 2014, "Normandy to the Eagle's Nest" tour. It was just amazing to see the actual locations we have read so much about over the years. We both discussed the competent and professional way you pre-planned and organized the trip making the transition from site to site and hotel to hotel virtually seamless. The tour was excellent and was made more enjoyable with your knowledgeable commentary and the playing on the bus of relevant audio and video presentations. Our fellow companions were friendly and engaging and the experience was one we will remember and reflect on with a great deal of happiness. We would be remiss if we did not mention the great job your driver Simon did in navigating the narrow roads of the small towns and cities we traveled through with such confidence and competence. Thank you for a wonderful tour of many of the important sites of the Second World War.

Charles and Todd Eckert
Ross Class of September 2014

October 2, 2014

Good Morning Dennis,
We arrived home safe and sound late Monday night. We are both feeling the effects of jet lag. Switzerland was amazing and the weather continued to be perfect. Anyway, I just wanted to give you some feed back about the WWII tour. As I previously said, I was the one who wanted to go on this tour. Norm was just coming along but this really wasn’t his cup of tea. Both of us have not stop talking about this tour. Norm can’t wait to relate the details to anyone who asks us about the trip. He now wants me to purchase the DVD’s that you suggested and is interested in watching them. (He never wanted to watch them before.) You have created a lot of enthusiasm in Norm, to want to pursue more about WWII. As for myself, I knew this tour would be something special, but I never imagined the scope of information, the personal accounts of people who survived this war, nor did I ever expect to feel the emotional pull I experienced as I walked and reflected on these sacred grounds that so many young men had died to keep us free. I am still overwhelmed but extremely grateful that both Norm and I got to experience these very historical events. I can’t thank you enough for all the attention to details that brought this war into a much clearer perspective for us. So, Dennis......thank you for everything!

Maureen & Norm Seeley

September 26, 2014


Dear Dennis,

What can we say but, "Thank You" for a first class trip from beginning to end. You left no stone unturned in making sure you included as many details, tours, additional stops, CD's, DVD's and your personal wealth of information all related to WWI and WWII, as well as so many other facts related to the people and their culture.

We are very happy that we chose your company!

Judy and John Benedict (hoping to travel with you again!)


August 31, 2013


Thanks very much for deciding to take our small VIP group on the tour as you did. The farther I get away from the trip, the more I realize how much we saw, and how lucky we were to see what we did. You have a wealth of knowledge, much of it enhanced with personal anecdotes, and information gleaned from the veterans that you have taken back to their battlefields.

Nathan may not know it yet, but he has had a trip that will be with him for the rest of his life. It certainly is a trip that counts as one of my most memorable. The horrendous death count from that War is sobering. We must never forget.
Thank you
Marilyn Hallett

Below is an email that circulated (June6, 2013) from a group of tour members that we took out on the 68th D-Day Anniversary Tour, June 7, 2012.

One Year Ago Today...

Hey to all my WWII tour family.. Well one year ago today we were traveling to Utah and Omaha Beaches. I was just telling a co-worker earlier how awesome that trip was. That was the best trip I have ever taken and got to meet the best bunch of people. I think of that trip often. Right now Dennis is lucky enough to be back in Normandy, visiting all the spots we were at last year. I hope he has better weather...

Well, I just wanted to say hello to everyone on the anniversary of D-Day. I hope you all had a fabulous year, it was a pleasure getting to spend those two weeks with all of you. And a GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO Ray, Charlie, Robert and all the veterans who fought and fight for our country!!!!! I miss you all… J

Linda Hubbard

Hey everyone!

I was so excited to see all these emails after a long day of work. You all are so special, and I can not believe it has been one year already. I will never forget our trip. I have met great people and it was such an honor to get to know everyone. I think of Ray and Charlie all the time, and I am so lucky to have met them.

Linda, I am so jealous Dennis is back over there! I was just talking to my mom today about going back eventually and it is definitely something we will do in the future. Renee I hope you make that trip to Netherlands so I can hear all about it. Your father sounds like such a great man, I wish he could have been on that trip with us, but I am so happy he was honored through you, your sister, and your mother! You all are so special and I love your family, so glad we keep in touch!

As some of you may know, Binky (aka Robert) has dementia now, his memory isn't so great anymore. We try to remind him about special moments of the trip and such but he can't really remember certain times and people. But overall, he does remember the trip and the great time he had on it. Right after we got home from Europe, my parents made him this journal/ scrapbook of the trip. It is something to look back on and I will tell you this, he looks at it many, many times during the week. He has pictures hanging on the wall in his room and he is one happy man.

I just want to thank you all for making the trip so special for him and taking the time to know him. He has been saving up for a long, long time to go back to Normandy and that trip was the best thing for him ever. We didn't know how or when we could get him back over there but I am so happy my dad found Dennis' website. Dennis did such a good job with everything and honored our Veterans so well.

I know my family will be happy to hear from all of you (The Bailey Bunch, haha), it has been a busy year, but so fast. I hope everyone is doing well, staying safe, and having fantastic lives!

My Best,
Rianna Bailey


Thanks to Linda for starting this conversation. Yes, the best trip we've ever taken, with a phenomenal group of people. It was such an honor and a privilege - thanks to Dennis for his tremendous effort. Don and I had the great fortune of spending some time with Ray and Charlie in January at Ray's home. Great appreciation goes to all our vets for all they have done for us.

A quick funny story - Don and I were talking about taking a Viking River Cruise. I wanted to look at a Russian cruise; however, he suggested another cruise that included departing from (or arriving in, I can't remember which) Nuremberg. I responded, "I've been to the Court House at Nuremberg with Binky (aka our vet Robert). Nothing can top that. I don't want to go back to Nuremberg - it would just be disappointing." :)

Hope everyone is well,
Tara and Don McLendon


Tara, What a treat to get to visit with Ray and Charlie again. I know you and Don enjoyed that tremendously.

Jerry, It doesn’t surprise me of what a great host Dennis and his wife were for he was the consummate host on our trip.

I will share some of the highlights of my year since they include historical parts. I have had the distinct honor to visit with two additional distinguished veterans, one who was in the Timberwolves who helped liberate Mittelbau-Dora Concentration Camp where the V2 rockets were being manufactured by the prisoners housed there. He is the grandfather of one of my students. He came and shared part of his story with my class. The other was a veteran who was on the USS Colorado during the Battle of Okinawa. He is the great-grandfather of one of my students. After reading background information on both of these gentlemen, I was totally in awe of them.

I took my Junior High students to Washington, DC at the end of April. The greatest part of this trip was meeting the Holocaust survivor, Hanka Kornfeld-Marder. I purchased her book My Paintings, My Memories, My Message…” My students and I spent the majority of the year on reading novels such as The Hiding Place and The Diary of Anne Frank and writing research papers over World War 2 related topics- English War Brides, V-2 Rockest, and Auschitz and Mengele. Because of this, my students were able to empathize with her, and because of that, she gave each student a kiss on the cheek. I was so touched by that.

Our WW2 trip helped answer so many questions I had in regard to my father’s life. Now, I just need a trip to the Netherlands to make that complete. I say we ask Dennis to plan a trip for us to the Netherlands! A must for me is Corrie ten Boom’s home in Haarlem where she and her family risked their lives in hiding countless Jews. I would also like to visit Eerde, one of the battlefields where my dad and Charlie fought. Ray was in the C47s as they were dropping the paratroopers (Charlie and Ray, correct me in I’m wrong.) I know there are many other tourist attractions there that he could add. Wouldn’t that be great if we could go on a trip like that? Anyone else up for it! Lol

I’ll close for now. I’ll try not to talk your ear off. I was blessed on the way back from Washington, DC with sitting in between two gentlemen and we talked the entire 3 hours! The other adults on the trip with me weren’t so fortunate! Ha! Ha! We were talking about me possibly getting into the speaking field and they had experience in that area. I asked if I should keep my accent or work on getting rid of it?! My students know I don’t meet a stranger! I just told them they didn’t need to speak to strangers, except for veterans and current servicemen and women. I was so proud of them, everywhere we went, whether in the airports or at the Pentagon, they were so gracious and respectful to thank each one. By the third day, the other two groups from Arizona we were grouped with for the tour began following their lead.

May each of you have a blessed summer!

What a coincidence! Mary and I were having breakfast this morning and we were discussing the trip last year and how great it was. Dennis did a wonderful job with the trip and we especially appreciated how well he treated the vets. We also talk about the trip throughout the year. It was especially meaningful to Mary her brother Chuck, and I as their father and my father-in-law was there in 1944. Having Ray, Charlie, and Bob made the trip extra special and we are proud of their service to our country.

We actually stopped to visit Dennis in Las Vegas and it was like old times as he and his wife treated us as old friends.

Jerry and Mary Mulcahy

Linda and all of our WWII tour mates;

Thanks for sending out this note. I'm sorry to be replying back so late, but the Sanchez Family ( Steve, Kathy and Andrew) also were thinking back to the exact places we were last year during that first week of June. We looked back at all of our pictures and even re-watched the "Band of Brothers". Just can't get enough of that series and all of the places that they were that we retraced during out trip. Thanks so much to Dennis for the great tour. All of the details and information made the trip so amazing. It was such an honor to travel and learn of the details of our Veterans time in Normandy; Charlie, Ray and Robert. Thanks to all of you for what you have done for our country.

It was truly the trip of a lifetime for us. We think of all of you often when we reminisce about all of the wonderful memories of the trip. If you ever come out to the Southwest part of the US look us up in Albuquerque, NM.

Have a great Independence Day Holiday!!!!
Steve, Kathy and Andrew Sanchez
Thank you. I would like to say that it was my GAIN to have made this trip with all of you and thank all of you for making it such a great experience for me.
Sincerely, Ray

June 10, 2013



I just wanted to let you know how much my son Ward and I have enjoyed the trip to this point. The trip has exceeded our expectations and we have been impressed with the way you have run the tour and the guides you have used. There is no way someone traveling on their own could see what we have seen to this point.

I looked at the website last night for future tour opportunities and I would highly recommend your tours to anyone.

We are excited about the remaining four days and our time in Germany.



Hi Dennis!

Our WW 2 tour was run professionally, efficiently, with excellent information and wonderfully selected sites. Dennis went above and beyond any expectations I could have had. It was a fantastic experience with memories to last a lifetime.

Thank you Dennis and your great expertise.

Frank Stumpo
Houston, Texas
June 2013

June 19, 2013

Dear Dennis,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for an incredible tour and for everything you did for Dad.. This is something he and I will cherish for the remainder of our time together. It truly was an extraordinary experience and I now have such an appreciation of what Dad and all the other vets did. Very enriching.. well, hopefully this is not good bye but just the beginning.. if I don't see you first on another tour then I'll be knocking on your door in Lost Wages the next time I'm out there for a conference.
Keep safe!

June 21, 2013

Dear Mr. Ross:
I'm writing to thank you for the comprehensive look of WW II military history you provided last week. I found the tour informative, educational and provocative. I learned much and felt this was a worthwhile investment of my time. (I would even use the word "rewarding").

Your knowledge as well as the special tour guides you hired added so much to understand the history and key battles of WW II.

Thank you so much for all that you do .... and keep up the good work !!!
Bill Jaeck

July 21, 2013

Hi Dennis!

I hope your travels from Germany back to the US went well. It has taken me too long to send this note of thanks, but I wanted to be sure to let you know that my kids and I had such a wonderful experience on the WW II tour and having you organize, guide, and teach us things that we would never have learned.

It was also the first time so many of our family vacationed together and this was wonderful as well – I got to know some 2nd cousins that I rarely see.

Thank you for helping me navigate my arrival in Bastogne (what a challenge that was) and your kindness toward us was much appreciated.

Thank you for organizing this wonderful tour for us.
Lisa Anderson

August 31, 2012

"Just completed a terrific 12 day tour from Paris to Munich. It's one thing to see the locations of historic WWII events; it's another to do so in the company of someone who knows what he's talking about and who adds so much value to the experience. Dennis went out of his way to make this trip memorable for our small group, taking us to spots not usually seen by bigger groups or other tours. My 13 year old son and I will remember our Band of Brothers journey forever.
Thanks Dennis. Brett Guerin, Melbourne, Australia."


Letter from the Band of Brothers veteran Charlie Vess who was one of our 3 WW II veterans who joined us on our 2012 D-Day Anniversary Tour.

Hello Dennis,
I want to thank you for a wonderful trip. You went out of your way to make it a great trip for Bob, Ray and myself. I think the folks that made up the group were the greatest of any that I have been with. They went out of their way to help Ray and me whenever they could and it made it a wonderful experience.
Take care,

Video of three WW II D-Day Veterans on our 2012 D-Day Anniversary Tour being presented
with medals from the Mayor of Ste Mere Eglise for their service during WW II.

Mary and I wanted to drop you an e-mail to tell you how much we enjoyed the 68th D-Day Tour. Mary and Chuck's Father (Charles Weigand) was in the 29th Infantry and was at Normandy. She always wanted to visit to see where he first came ashore. We were able to follow a lot of his time during the War from D-Day to the Battle of the Bulge. We were also so impressed with how specially you treated the WWII veterans. Our three veterans really added to the trip with their first hand experiences and stories. Your special surprises added to their "return trip" and made it extra special for us, as well as them. You also treated us special and made the trip one to remember for ever.

This is definitely a trip for the history buff and being one myself it was outstanding. Your knowledge, having special local contacts, and ability to put the story together made this an extra special trip. We hope to see you again.

Jerry and Mary Mulcahy
Pasadena, Maryland

Dennis, This trip was PERFECT! I was able to walk in my dad's footsteps from where he landed on D-Day to Bastogne to Eagle's Nest, where he was when the war ended. I have always dreamed of taking a trip like this, and can't believe your tour included all of these places and more! I appreciate the way you delivered everything that was stated on the itinerary. I loved the way you interacted with each one of us on your tour. You were an impeccable host! And most of all, I was so impressed with how reverent you were to all our veterans, honoring them at so many important places. From the bottom of my Texas heart,

Renee Beam Wilson, daughter of James L. Beam 101st Airborne


Just got back from the 2012 D-Day and WWII Battlefield Tour. AWESOME!! Dennis you did a great job educating us on the History of WWII. And what you did for our Veterans on the tour was amazing. We loved the tour and I am so glad we went. Everyday I think back on all the places we visited, things we saw and the history behind it all. Definitely worth it. Thank you

Linda Pietruszka Hubbard

Leland and I want to express our sincere thanks for the outstanding, informative and well organized WW II Tour. We are so grateful that you went out of your way to make it so memorable and special for the three veterans that were with us. Those acts of kindness were so appreciated by us. Your professionalism and expertise on the subject made the trip one of the best educational tours we have ever experienced. Thank you too for the great accommodations and wonderful meals.

Ruth and Leland Tigges


We all should be thanking you, not the other way around. Your knowledge, expertise, and experience sure did show on this trip. I became very close with several other guests, and we all held the same high regards for you and your company. It was very well planned and organized, and the accommodations were exceptional. You and your wife do a nice job on these trips.
Tim Miller, Pennsylvania

Dear Dennis,
We wanted to pass along our thanks for a fabulous tour of World War II Battlefields Tour. It is hard to believe we were able to see and learn so much in such a short period of time and have so much fun doing it.

As you know, this was a special trip with our eldest grandson, Bailey, and it was everything we expected and more. We not only saw all the battle sites and Memorials, we made new friends from the tour group as well. Your ability to keep the group focused in a jovial atmosphere made this a trip we will long cherish.

You have set the bar very high for trips with our three other grandchildren. We hope to call on you to repeat your magic with each of them.
Thank you again.
Best wishes,
Ann & Jim Bailey, California


Hello Dennis!

This was a trip that Luke, my son had picked out and was originally going to go on with just his grandparents until I talked my way into going :-) I am so glad I did. Luke learned more than he thought was possible and I, knowing not near as much as him, learned so much about WW2 and WWI that it has become a new interest for me. I now want to see every movie and read every book about the WW2 and that has made Luke very happy. We now share a common interest that we did not have before your tour.

You ran a very well managed tour! You always kept things on track even when unexpected conditions arose you took control and sailed through it smoothly. Your knowledge in every aspect of this tour was wonderful and greatly appreciated. You made this trip a once in a life time event for a Mother and Son who now have common interest that will stay with them forever! So Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Veronica Silbaugh, Colorado

Our grandson is back in school with the best "What I did on my summer vacation" story of all. He is changed because of the trip and no longer talks of war and war games with the same childish enthusiasm -- a goal of mine. We loved this trip and Veronica and I really want to do the castle tour with you. You are the best tour guide ever!
Karen Sekich, Colorado

Kudos to Dennis Ross and Custom Euro Tours for an outstanding job organizing and guiding our recent tour of World War I and II battlefields. Through four countries -- Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and France, we reaped the benefits of Dennis' efficiency and expertise. From the Baviarian Alps to the City of Lights, he smoothed the obstacles of language and luggage, and provided knowledgeable commentary on everything from architecture to ammunition. Where needed, he added local experts, who were both lively and informative. Our 13-day odyssey took us through Munich, Nuremberg, Dachau, the famed Bridge at Remagen, Bastogne, Pegasus Bridge and, of course, the landing beaches at Normandy. Two veterans of D-Day were with us on tour, and thanks to Dennis, they were honored at a special ceremony at Ste. Mere Eglise. Again, thanks to Dennis' flexibility and planning, our group smoothly negotiated extraordinary traffic congestion engendered by the presence of Presidents Obama and Sarkozy, Prince Charles and other celebrities. We had a great time.

Thanks, Custom Euro Tours
Rod and Jodie Jago


Dear Dennis,

Thank you for the wonderful trip that my dad and I took with you. Dad tells everyone you are a 5 star tour guide and has everlasting memories and I second that!

Ilene & Donald La Bounty (Veteran 1st Division - D-Day)


Celia and I had a wonderful time on the tour. We appreciated the attention to detail that you gave to the group the entire trip. We particularly appreciated the way in which a time line was maintained. Whether it was for free time, lunch, departure times, we were able to have enough time to ourselves yet continue in an orderly manner and see all that was promised in the brochure. Whether you are an occasional traveler or one with lots of experiences, your expectations were met. Thanks for the work you do.

Bill and Celia Burger

On a scale of 1-10, I'm giving Dennis Ross and Custom Euro Tours a 20! He is truly a group expert - taking care of every detail. I book all my group business with him, and have never been disappointed.

Ann Blask
Visions Travel
Orchard Park, New York


Dennis Ross and Custom Euro Tours is the best. Dennis Ross brings years of travel experience to his outstanding tours and personal service. Intelligent, witty, with a sense of providing only the very best describes this consummate tour director. Dennis and Custom Euro Tours bring you the world in all its beauty. March 2002, will be our 13th tour with Dennis and Custom Euro Tours and we look forward to many more years to come!

Dr. Terry Timson
Howe Military Academy

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