Veteran's Associations
that Dennis
has escorted:

101st Airborne

82nd Airborne

Original Crew of
the Memphis Belle

36th Infantry Div.

104th Infantry Div.
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Dennis Ross, owner of Custom Euro Tours and WW II Tours of Europe has had the honor of escorting a wide array of Veteran Associations. If your association would like information about a custom designed tour specifically structured around your unit, please let us know or give us a
call at:

Below are some the the heroes he has worked with:

  • 82nd Airborne (All American) Operation Market Garden 50th Anniversary (Bridge Too Far)

  • 101st Airborne (Screaming Eagles) Battle of the Bulge 50th Anniversary (Band of Brothers)

  • Memphis Belle original crew 50th Anniversary of 8th US Air Force in UK

  • 36th Infantry Division (Texas T Patchers) Monte Cassino and Rapido River

  • 36th Infantry Division (Texas T Patchers) Colmar Pocket (Operation Nordwind)

  • 78th Infantry Division (Lightning Division) Remagen Bridge (Mr. Ross was also the translator for TV Documentary on German Television and newspapers

  • 100th Infantry Division (Liberation of Stuttgart and occupation). Mr. Ross provided translation between General George Patton's grandson and Erwin Rommel's son in Stuttgart City Hall

  • 104th Infantry Division (Timberwolves) Liberation of Mittelbau Dora Concentration Camp V1 Rockets

  • 56th Fighter Group (Hub Ziemke) 50th Anniversary of 8th US Air Force in UK

  • 319th Bomber Squadron 50th Anniversary of 8th US Air Force in UK

  • 3rd Infantry Division Colmar Pocket (Operation Nordwind - Audie Murphy's old unit)


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